Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pertemanan melalui seleksi Alam

Dear friend ...

Our friendship.
But how can you disappoint me.
It's about the people that I care so much.

Why are you stepping over me the way you tell your personal story.

For me, which is his dearest one, I just can't do the same you did often.
I am not going to accuse you of betraying me.

But I just can not talk to you.
Not that I do not dare

But I don't have much time to find any trouble.
I'm not forbid
But this is about friendship ethics.
I am your friend
He is the one who I introduced as my future life partner.

You should appreciate that.
Because every small or big thing from us, we are definitely open.
I do not know anymore if you have no shame for it.

Maybe the people around you doesn't taught to be sensitive and appreciate the feelings of others.

I forgive you.

But best friend will not be our status for lifetime.
Only in moderation
Even then, I do just for the sake of my dearest friends.

Since I am disappointed,
and quite know how you
underestimate to appreciate friends.

I keep this story is long enough.

Truthfully I am not the type of person who can not talk to others if he/she is wrong.

However communicate with you that makes me a loss to explain.

Because you certainly do not ever know what I mean.
It's just a matter of ethics friendship.

I am not jealous.

I just do not like other people stepping over me.
But... Yasudahlah

Only God knows my heart's content.

You should ask other people, especially women who knows all about my feelings.

I'm sure they agree that the friendship started from friendship ethics.

-Mezty Mez-

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